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Karmic Healing

What is karma?

We have rules and laws to run the nation, business, Institutions, or any organization to its fullest potential and achieve desired results. Similarly, there is a law in the universe or nature which is called karma.

Karma means action, every atom in this universe is in relentless action to make every day happen. Without karma nothing exists in this world, it is the basic nature of our existence, karma is not the problem, karma with lack of consciousness is the problem.

One performs a karma as thought, as word, and then as action.
Every karma is a potential seed, it can grow and give you the fruit depending upon its kind, either in a positive way or negative way.
It means you can really manifest whatever you want in this life.

Your happiness, peace and health and wellbeing, your family and friends circle, your environment you engage everything depends on your karma, in other way you are the creator of your reality, whatever you feel, think and do have greater impact to create the reality in which you exist. It means you can really manifest whatever you want in this life.

How to manifest the life you want?

When you have lots of good karma, and you align your thoughts and emotions and action in a certain way you can manifest life as you want.

For you to be happy, healthy and prosperous you need to align body, mind and soul by cleansing your karmas.

Karmic healing

In the process of karmic cleansing. Karma has three categories ... past life or your generational karma, your prarabda (fruits of the previous karma) and Agama karma (forth coming fruits of the performed karma.

Through karmic healing we clear this karma baggage and help you to reap the fruits of positive karma you perform thereafter.

Our karmic healing will put you in a state of Advaita (non duality) so that you can perform all karmas without attachment or entanglement. All our efforts are to bring you in a state of consciousness so that you can perform each karma with absolute involvement and understanding and therefore realise the true purpose of your life and finally attain mukthi or liberation. In order for you to get there you have to set your foundation right, meaning, you need to have your basics then you can do whatever you want with absolute contentment.


Our healing helps you to come out from entanglement of your karma, which is your prarabda, it can be emotional, mental and physical and prosperity aspects of your life.

Karmic healing is also helpful for those with anxiety, depression, mental / phycological disorders, marital and financial issues.

After the healing you will be Emotionally, mentally physically and financially/career wise stable.

Our healing sessions are starting from 41 days which includes,

  • One hour dedicated session (each day one hour)
  • Personal consultation with the healer
  • Follow up checkup time to time
  • Life style guidance (depending on one’s lifestyle pattern)
  • Health awareness with corrections (depending on one’s lifestyle pattern)
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual guidance

We also do horoscope reading to know the karmic structure of your life, to get the maximum results from this healing.

In collaboration with karmic healer Shri Avinash Chandrashekhar from Uttarakhand, India.

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